Wokay! So no one wants to talk to me but the Stats show I have some visitors, so for them happy souls, and for me, let’s discuss a movie!

A few days back, on 18th August, Gulzar saab was born in a year that makes him 81 now. And yet he continues to surprise the world with such crazeamaze new insightful words, each time. (crazeamaze isn’t a word, though.)
My vocabulary widened with the following words –
gilheri ke jhoothe mattar
chaand nigal gayi
pairon tale, peeli mehndi jale
main farsh pe sajde karta hoon
tukdo mein jeena
aansoon chupa ke rakha tha
madham geeli hassi
barf pe mera naam-dua likhna
neende khaali kar ja
reverse mein muskurariyaan hoon
etc etc etc..

Although, I’ve not watched all of GS’s movies (as the director) I’m sure none of them will beat Ijaazat for me.

“Aadatein bhi chooth jaatey hai, adhikaar nahi choothtey!”

How often does it happen that you don’t hate “the other woman” despite of loving the wife and rooting for her? Not often, but GS made it possible.

I love all the three characters. Specially Sudha. A strong and independent woman. Rational yet sacrificing. Mahendra is in a jeopardy but not a man without a spine. Maya, though annoying at times, for being so convenient, finds her ways to melt thou heart each time she addresses Sudha as ‘didi’.
Apart from ‘Mera kuch saamaan’ which is my saviour, the dialogue writing in this movie is ‘wah wah’ worthy at every step.
Ijaazat on IMDBgs

Yours? English/Iranian/Korean/etc- any would do. I’f I’ve watched it, we’ll discuss. If not then I get to watch a new movie! And we discuss! 😀


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