I watched ‘Manjhi- The Mountain Man’ yesterday. Well, I was so unwell that I had to call up people to come take me home post the movie.
So, I watch movies alone. I always prefer it that way. You aren’t watching a movie through someone else’s eyes anyway, then why cancel a plan if you don’t have company, no?
I love watching films alone.

Anyway, the first person I called post feeling unwell did not answer, nor did he bother to check up on my health. I must have killed his cat. I sulked for a while and then managed to catch a rickshaw on my own.
I AM pining.

Anyway, ‘Manjhi- The Mountain Man’ was slow. Nawaaz added a great level of charm and humour through his effortless performance, and Radhika Apte looked as beautiful as ever but the movie in so many parts was a very ‘south indian’ product. Over dramatic scenes. Characters which didn’t connect with me much, to feel bad for them later. Bad CG in places. And really bad songs.

True stories have their way to still stay in your hearts. Coz you know, there was really a man who broke a mountain for love. That, today is the biggest wishful thinking. So yea, that hurt and stayed. But I couldn’t feel deeply for anyone in the film. Flashbacks were ruining the mood. And what sort of a husband wants his pregnant wife to climb up a gigantic mountain everyday to get him his lunch?
Although, the fact that he succeeded was hopeful. But, the mountain moved much more than my heart.

Loved the trailer more.
Manjhi – The Mountain Man on IMDB


3 thoughts on “Manjhi – The Mountain Man (2015)

  1. Honest opinion, amazing share! Well, there are two ways to this.
    A) You didn’t call the right person. But at least now you know he/she needn’t be on your dial list here on.
    B) It was a genuine miss.

    I’d say, go with B, make peace.


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