So someone from a decent company asked me to send sample works of all the ‘types’ of writings I’ve done. I fetched some in my ‘stories’ folder and some in old sent mails.

I stumbled upon some of my previous work, when I used to work at UTV productions and write a show named ‘Fearless’. When I was younger, and indeed fearless. You know it may seem like I’m bragging but I was good. Even back then. Even without Int. Cafe – Night and The Last Day. I mean, of course, these two shorts taught me a lot, a lot about writing, producing and leading a team. They changed me, improved me immensely as a writer and I’m eternally grateful for them. But when I look back at life two years ago I don’t think I would have been in a bad place had I taken a different route.

We’ve to stop being scared. About the past and the future.
I’m going to try each day, try to get back my old quality of being fearless and unapologetic of who I am and what I want to be.

Which is why Thelma and Louise is one of my most inspiring movies.
Made by Ridley Scott, this one has ace performers. Including a younger and cuter Brad Pitt.
The rush, the thrill – the need to live life the way it is, that this effortlessly teaches me, very few movies do.
Thelma is flawed. She causes troubles. But she’s troubled herself, and it’s only fair she gives it back to the world, the way they’ve given it to her.
Louise on the other hand is the problem solver, the strong independent woman with a past.
A road trip- 2 women – twists and turns on every mile, what more do you want from a crisp and smartly executed screenplay?
My favourite scene is when Thelma robs a supermarket! She’s the bomb!
From where it starts to where it ends – you have to watch the journey of these two fearless women.
Thelma & Louise on IMDB

I’d rather be like them. Live on my terms and well, whatever the end is, – so be it!
(BUTTTT HAVING SAID THAT, THERE’S LOTS OF WORK TO DO! There goes my attempt at being fearless. :P)


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