Today, I was in a serious karaoke mood – and the Mumbai traffic is the best saviour in such situations. I put on gaana dot com (they should pay me for being such an ardent user) and gauged up on James’s songs – Alvida and Rishtey from my love, ‘Life in a Metro,’ and then Bheegi Bheegi Si (Written by Mayur Puri) from Gangster.

Bheegi Bheegi Si made me revisit the days when I had dissolved Gangster’s songs in my throat, I sang them with deep joy and love, and found out all the deep, intense meanings in its lyrics – all that while I was in standard nine. No really.

I sang it on top of my voice – ‘aadhi aadhi jaagi, aadhi aadhi soi, aankhein yeh teri toh lagta hai roi lekar ke naam humara..’ It felt so good!
Rickshawala uncle robbed a few glimpses through the rare view mirror, here and there, and I swiftly lowered down my pitch. But it was fun none the less.

Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai – uff. Whattey lyrics by Sayeed Quadri ‘ – kaise rahega bhala hoke tu mujse juda?
Mujhe mat roko by
Sayeed Quadri– ‘Dil ki aankhon ne meri, apna sanam dekh liya.. ab issi darr pe mere damm ko nikal jaane do..’
Lamha Lamha –
by Nilesh Misra ‘tujhe chuh loon ki rakhu main chupakarke nigaaho mein?..’
Ya Ali by Sayeed Quadri– bina tere na ek pal ho, na bin tere kabhi kal ho..’

All these wonderful songs have been composed by Pritam Chakraborty, who according to me gives his best to Basu’s films.
Amaze album, this! 🙂
Gangster on gaana dot com


9 thoughts on “Gangster (2006) – Album talking

  1. Sayeed Quadri has been a regular feature with the Bhatts & regardless of the kind of movies they make, the music of Bhatt flicks is always good all through these years. But yes, Gangster was the Aashiqui sort of album for me atleast (of my generation).

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    1. Welcome welcome! This’ll be fun! 🙂
      Yep! I totally agree. He’s also one of those lyricists who go unnoticed but leave a prolific mark. His insights are too good!


      1. Hehe, yes I agree. And hey, have you ever heard Maine Dil Se Kaha from Rog? It is amongst my top fav song of all time, sung by KK, composed by M M Kreem & lyrics by Neelesh Misra (reading his name propelled me to tell you about this song of his). I love it, not necessary you will too, but worth a try.

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      1. Whoa whoa!! I guess now that’s a nice way to begin a Sunday :- 2 absolute gems to begin with. ✋ that.


    1. Aaha!! Simply amazing. Can’t figure out but probably the 1st Antra is my pick “Bechara Kahan Jaanta Hai Khalish Hai Ye Kya Khala Hai, Sheher Bhar Ki Khushi Se Ye Dard Mera Bhala Hai, Jashn Ye Raas Na Aaye Maza To Bas Gham Mein Aaya Hai”. Can easily associate with these words.

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    1. Very true yaar!! Since few years, I was like “Main Aur Meri Tanhai, Aksar Ye Baatein Kiya Karte Hain”. But of late, I realised that Life Goes On, be it if you are happy or sad. So have tried to negate the association with sad songs & even succeeded a bit. Thanks, will keep that in mind :- The no Maza in Gham thing. 😊😃😄😇

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