Last night I watched Katti Batti.
I went with low expectations because the trailer gave an impression of it being an impression of 500 Days of Summer. Now, I love that film! So I wasn’t hoping for any miracle. And definitely nothing surpassing that awesomesauce film. But but but.. But it even managed to ruin my low expectations.
Kangana studying in Ahmedabad dressed in clothes more apt for Spain.
Lousy performances, except for Imran’s family members.
And a very convenient story with a naive twist.
I think every movie should be watched, so go watch it.
But go with lower than lowest expectations from the Director and the cast.



This video explains my sentiments about this film aptly! LOL

Tonight I watched MSG 2.
Here, I didn’t expect any miracles too. Well, not literally, coz there were tons of humanly impossible and illogical magical stunts in it that I was aware of. Well, weirdly, the theatre I went to was housefull with Baba’s bhakts from Haryana. Really. In Bombay. Apparently, they had free tickets to the movie hall. Propaganda much?

Anyway, it was as pointless and bizarre as it was intended to be. Baba kicking 3 villains’ asses almost without blinking. All terrible actors. Full of bad CG and pink glittery clothes. My favourite scene was when Baba refuses to fight a woman and instead he decides to hypnotise a snake to roll around her and choke her. He’d break into a song whenever he’d feel like. And his headgears would read ‘Super human’. Believe it or not, the crowd around me would lose it chanting his name each time he’d do something ridiculous.
Quite a sight!

If you’re a ‘so bad that it’s good’ fan then you must watch MSG 2.
Oh and I almost forgot, the tagline reads – Based on True Events.





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