Co-incidentally my previous post on ‘Album-talking’ was also on a film that released in 2006 – Gangster. So it’s safe to say that 2006 was a musically sorted year! AND  Pritam was the composer of both albums! Now, I love Pritam more than I thought I did.

Ankahee, directed by Vikram Bhatt and rumoured to be his autobiography, had some good performances (the only film I liked Amisha Patel in) and some sureela music and outstanding lyrics.

I have tripped over some songs from Ankahee for years, on different occasions.
Let’s begin –

Ek Pal ke Liye  –  Palko se palkein zara chuh ke dekho, inmein kitna ashq bhara.. phir kya ho kya khabar? Dekha hai kisne kal? Aa raat rokle, phir ho na jaaye seher..

Pardon my language, but this is the perfect love-making song. That song you can play in the b/g, appreciate the lyrics with a like-minded lost lover and sway away into a new world filled with melody and soulful romance. KK’s voice is to be blamed! And uff Amitabh Verma (Lyricist)!

Aa paas aa – Kal ki kisko khabar hai, bas iss lamhein ko mujhe toh hai jeena.. tera kaisa asar hai, tere bina toh lage dil kahin na.. na khwaaishon pe kar koi sitam.. tujhe hai kasam..

Aa paas aa, is so beautifully written by Sameer and sung by Shreya Ghoshal. She gives me goosebumps each time she says ‘na todd pyaar ka haseen bharam, tujhe hai kasam.’ 

Tumse yun milenge – Itni derr se kyun din phire, pehle kyun hue na tum mere?

I remember this video was trending on all music channels in 2006, called ‘Chana Vey’ by some Kunal Ganjawala. We used to watch him and go like ‘wow yaar he has such a different voice!’ and then one day he sang that cheesy song from Murder, bheegey honth and became a sensation.
One fine day, while listening to the radio, I recognised his voice and shrieked with joy on listening to the insane lyrics – it was – Tumse yun milenge.
This song is made for his voice. Written with utmost honesty and beauty by Sameer, again.

Lamha – Waqt thehra sa hai, dard gehra sa hai..

A slower version of ‘Tumse yun milenge‘ , sung by Babul Supriyo, another brilliant voice of his time. Sameer is so much magic man! We need more of him. Lamha is the less heard song from the album, but worth every single word and sound and tune. Aah!

Apart from these, there’s an ‘Ek pal ke liye’ female version by Shreya Goshal and another version by Sonu Nigam.

Happy ears, guys! 😀

Ankahee (2006) on gaana dot com


5 thoughts on “Ankahee (2006) – Album Talking

  1. In a year in which Rang De Basanti reined supreme (Not so for me), Himesh Reshamiya & A R Rahman won awards, there were lots of movies that had awesome music.

    I searched a little but couldn’t locate my top songs 2006 list:- My 1st one, but I remember that Ya Ali, So Jaoon Mein, Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai, Bas Ek Pal(Title), Naina Thag Lenge, Ek Din Fursat Mein & Ankahee(Title) were my top 7 not in this order.

    Gangster, Zindaggi Rocks, Omkara, Woh Lamhe, Bas Ek Pal, Ankahee, Umrao Jaan were simply melodious & soothing, be it any song from any of the above mentioned album.

    Yeah, Ankahee was terrific with its music & I even felt the movie was ok. But hey, you didn’t mention about my fav song i.e. The Title track by Kunal Ganjawala. Old memories relived, music back then was heavenly. 👌👍😊😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You just took me down memory lane and gave me lots more album talking to do, from 2006. WHAT A YEAR!

      And, well, I hadn’t heard the title track in a long time and it slipped my mind but post your comment I reheard it and aah, thanks for reminding me Why this album is such a beauty! 🙂


  2. Hehe, that’s true. Indeed this album is a beauty!

    So I guess your next Album Talking would be Omkara then :- Given the ones associated with it. Yeah, keep sharing your views. 👌👍😊😄


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