This one’s a bit more special, mainly for two reasons – Vimarsh Munsif replied to my blogpost where I invited you all to write for me ( link to that post), it makes me feel really nice that he’s so enthusiastic about Cinema, and two, this one’s a regional film! 😀

Read to know what impressed him about the film in the most earnest possible way. 
Happy reading! 🙂


Official trailer of Bas Ek Chance (Gujarati Film, 2015)

For the first time in my life, I went for a movie premiere along with the cast and that to, for a Gujarati movie!

This is the first time that I have seen a Gujarati movie and reviewing it just as a mere viewer of it. Inox, Vadodara was crowded last night with the full cast and the closed ones of the team of the movie Bas Ek Chance for its premiere show.

The reason I got this opportunity was all due to my friend who debuted in this movie:- Mitra Gadhvi. The movie was emotional for me due to it.

Coming to the movie, I am surprised with the quality of the movie on the whole. It is a very whole-hearted and honest effort by the makers led by Kirtan Patel. As Rajiv Sir stated: – “It’s an honest movie with a learning which made him do it.”


The plot is good, simple and well displayed. An engineering drop-out Brijesh Patel (Aditya Kapadia) wants to make a feature film on a story which he has written. To support him are his friends and musicians Manu (Alpesh Dhakan) and Meet (Mitra Gadhvi). Brijesh loves Neha (Bhakti Kubavat); their story is a bit topsy-turvy all through with a happy ending.

What are the hindrances faced by Brijesh? The struggles of his father Bachubhai Patel (Rajiv Mehta Sir) and how he still supports his son, the difficulty of Manu, the politics of the movie industry is all what this movie is all about. It goes on at a very decent pace and has its own style with comedy, emotions and all combined in it.

The direction by Kirtan Patel is indeed good and deserves a mention. The story is written by Jay Bhatt and it is simple & effective. But the real winner over here is the Cinematography by Amar Kamble and Editing by Nirav Panchal . These 2 add to the quality of the movie. Those 2 things are the key element of this movie and it seems like a Bollywood movie.

Music by Pranav-Nikhil-Shailesh & Ahmon band is quite catchy with some really good lyrics penned by Priya Saraiya Mam especially for Sapna Joya and Brijlo.

Coming to the performances, Aditya Kapadia is average in his performance. Bhakti Kubavat is decent in what she has to do. Rajiv Sir is excellent as always. Falguni Dave is good as Brijesh’s Mom. Mushtaq Khan is good. And now, the 2 who impressed me the most are Alpesh Dhakan and Hemang Dave. They were a treat to watch and have acted brilliantly.


Well, my friend Mitra played the role of Meet and the very sight of watching him on the Big Screen made me happy. He has a good role & he portrays it well. He did a couple of his usual expressions and used his style which was great to see. It was a proud moment for him & his Parents, those moments stay forever. I wish him the best for the future, it’s a good beginning.

All in all, Bas Ek Chance is a decent effort and I liked it on the whole. If Gujarati films can be made at this level, it is really a treat for the audience.

People who like Gujarati movies should spend some time to watch this honest attempt.

Bas Ek Chance on IMDB

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3 thoughts on “Guest Writer’s Edition – Vimarsh Munsif on ‘Bas Ek Chance’ (Gujarati, 2015)

  1. Omg!! Words can’t express my happiness right now. It’s an honour & privilege that you blogged about my take on the movie.

    And you even wrote about me & added that last one regarding Bonds through lyrics which was heartening to see.

    The best moments of life lies in the small joys for me & this one indeed will stay with me forever.

    Being an unknown to you, yet you posted it & even put in those pics & the efforts you put in can be seen here.

    Thank you so much again. 😊😄😃😇👌👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hehe, yes, I will surely continue sharing my views. Even you continue with it & make wonderful movies & also act in them. 👌👍😃😊


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