‘Ghar mein 4 log the, 2 marr gaye aur 2 bachh gaye – toh khooni kaun ho sakta hai?’
(4 members in the house, 2 dead and 2 alive – so who possibly could be the murderer?’)

t 1

This rhetoric question was asked time and again by the Police and the Media! With evidence (distorted evidence) and witnesses against Aarushi’s parents (Shruti in the film) who are we to believe?

Meghna Gulzar’s Talvar is quite like a docu-drama, only that unlike a documentary no one’s talking to the camera but yet the truth is beautifully segregated and served to the audience on a plate. Fiction used only so much that the characters seem layered and not superficial.

Vishal Bhardwaj is genius! Be it dialogue writing or his sheer grip on the screenplay. You go with him, wherever he takes you, whoever he wants you to believe in THAT moment.

Irrfan Khan is marvellous! He’s always super brilliant. But trust me, there were moments when I wanted to jump over the screen and kiss him, you get the point?
There’s this Nepalese song he sings ‘resam resam’ (silk silk) Man, you’re not supposed to laugh because the situation is grave but.. he’s so good that it’s tough to control! talvar-movie
In fact there are a number of scenes in the film that are wrapped in dark humour and it feels wrong to giggle but VB makes you laugh and then makes you feel bad about laughing. He does it effortlessly.

Konkana. I did sometimes marvel over the fact that she’s so beautiful. She’s highly convincing as Nutan Tandon (Nupur Talvar).
I’ve to mention this, there’s a scene where the maid comes over to Nutan’s home and the door is locked. They have a conversation once from inside and later in the film- from the outside.
According to me, this scene was shot from the maid’s OS and Nutan’s OS separately. (OS/OTS means Over the Shoulder). Basically the same scene was recreated twice. And both these female actors have performed the EXACT same way. As an actor, that’s a very difficult task to achieve but it’s so endearing to see such amazeballs actors do it so casually! So inspiring. Wow!

t 2

In fact, EVERY ACTOR- from the watch-man to the momos aunty – have pulled it off so well. Gajraj Rao is annoyingly hilarious as the investigating officer. Annoying because he’s fucked up the evidence so bad. God. My heart was cringing to imagine this is a bloody true story.

Special mention though – Tabu, she looks stunning as ever.
Tabu and Irrfan have this adorable ‘Ijaazat’ moment. I shrieked with joy because it’s SO COOL to pay a little homage to your Father in your own film.
Not sure who’d be happier, the receiver or the giver. 🙂

Also, because Ijaazat is my favourite film by GS.
I loved that moment!

Oh there’s this character – Paul, in the second half, he takes his son everywhere. So, you’ll find a child at the crimes scenes. He’s putting his son to sleep while working. That’s a fabulous character quirk! VB ❤

There’s a scene in the second half when CDI (CBI) and Irrfan are face to face – with two different theories – I’m going to rewatch that scene over and over again, it’s a Richard Linklater of a conversation man! So gripping – each actor has nailed it! t3

Special mention – The album. Insaaf haunts you. Shyam ke saaye is supposed to make you feel helpless, and it does!
But my FAVOURITE is by my favourite trio – VB, GS, RB – Zinda. 
Wonderfully paired with the end credits.

Talvar had very few, very few low moments. Apart from those this one is a flawless attempt at speaking the truth without sensationalising it or glorifying sides.

Unbiased. And beautiful.

Talvar on IMDB


2 thoughts on “Talvar (2015)

  1. Whoa whoa!! Expected this to be a classic & from what your take is on it, it seems so.

    Wanted to watch it yday night but couldn’t, hopefully soon. I love Irfan Khan as an actor.

    Any resemblance to Rahasya? Or no comparisons at all? Talvar way ahead?

    The way you have expressed yourself in this blog is splendid, I just loved it. So natural, real & true. 😄😊😃👌👍


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