Sorry! I’ve been movie hopping lately. I’m in a different city. Country rather. I feel like a nomad when I don’t name the city I am in. “She loved mysteries so much, she became one.”
Cheap thrills, I know.

There’s crazy internet speed here and I have downloaded and been downloading tons of movies. And watching some more when I’m not sight-seeing.

Sorry for the delay in the posts. I know, no one cares. 😛
But I need help in writing about the next film on this blog.

Here’s the list of films I’ve watched so far in my little vacay and you could probably ‘comment’ and tell me which one to? Or I’ll just be forced to write about whichever film I like. (Yes, I’m not demotivated easily 😛 )

  1. Cashback
  2. Johnny Gaddaar
  3. Paper Towns
  4. Pyaar ka Punchanama 1 and 2
  6. The Help
  7. The Gift
  8. Monsoon Wedding


GUYS MAMI IS COMING, END OF OCTOBER! Schedule is out tomorrow. Any favourites, any must watches? PLEASE SHARE WITH ME! And if you have a cool idea of missing out on one easily accessible good film to watch another not so easily accessible good film, PLEASE SUGGEST!

Here  is a link to this cinephile’s blog, I’m lucky to learn the bigs and smalls of Cinema from him and his filmography is also kickass – Satyanshu Singh.
Always rely on his list, fellas  – MAMI LIST

But you also make your own list!
P.S: I’ve posted a cute picture of mine, IN WATER, which I’m petrified of because I’m much happier than before. Just wanted the near and dear ones to know. 🙂

Happy movie watching guyss!


2 thoughts on “Review and MAMI suggestions

  1. I’ve been meaning to watch Cashback again.

    It’ll be swell to watch it with a fresh set of eyes.

    So, how ’bout picking that one for your blog?

    Also, about your ‘petrified’ picture:

    “Hunt that what haunt you.”


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