Yes, this post may end up being about my love for this man, all over again, but you must know that this post is meant to be about my love for ‘me’.

The second of November has had a tremendous impact on my life. Yes, of course because it’s SRK’s birthdate and he’s my walking-talking blue-print of existence, the way I want it. But there’s also more to this date.

Second of November means hope – to conquer the world. It means hope – to find true love. It also means hope – to not give up if life sucks. Because there’s a man out there who lives in Mannat on Bandstand, who proves day in and day out that nothing is impossible. My ray of hope. Of love.

Every year I’d go outside Mannat. Not to see SRK. I mean, if I did, that would be fine but majorly to thank God, for him. It’s silly until it’s true.
Trust me, people must’ve mocked him too when he said he’ll rule this city.
We’re stupid, scared to dream big. I’m not. I’m very very greedy.

This year was like divine intervention.
Maybe the forces around me love me more than I thought, they gave me a second chance. : )

I ended up working on a short script for a birthday video for SRK, in collaboration with Facebook, India.
I met SRK. But most importantly, I worked with him. On his birthday, inside his home. Just like I had promised. But I’m not satisfied yet..

2nd November is back in my life. Unadulterated. Brand new.
I believe that’s the power of my love for SRK. God couldn’t let it get ruined for anything on this planet. I believe that’s the power of my belief.

Remember, you’ll be mocked today, I’ll be mocked too but when we achieve it, they’ll write books about us. Remember. 🙂

The crew
The crew
Meet Light, he's the cutest Lab I've seen. Or I'm just being biased.
Meet Light, he’s the cutest Lab I’ve seen. Or I’m just being biased.
Outside Mannat, was this diehard SRK fan! :)
Outside Mannat, was this diehard SRK fan! 🙂
Wall of fame :)
Wall of fame 🙂

Life is all about not giving up.
If your drug is to work with your idol, or go on a solo trip, or eat ice-cream. Know that it’ll happen. Know that nothing is impossible.
And remember, that this is just the beginning. 🙂



3 thoughts on “2nd November 2015

  1. Loved the “Wall of Fame”. And towards the end of this write up, even felt a bit motivated. Those words “Never Give Up” always leave a mark on me.

    You’ll achieve it all, just believe. And I am sure you know it much much better than I do. As of now, very happy for you, a big moment to cherish. 😊😄👌👍


  2. May the Second of November ever belong to you. You, and you alone – always.

    And (as cheesy as this may sound) with every passing 2nd of November, may the wall of fame fall short of space, and feel ever so class trophic.



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