Diwali night! I completely forgot PRDP released today and coincidently I met Apuorva, my friend, who is an ardent fan of Bhai.
A plan that started off as ‘Diwali dinner’ ended up in us impulsively entering a 9:45 pm show of PRDP in a jam packed theatre in Andheri East.
The movie started at 10 pm, and the only two seats available, made sure my eyes and neck hurt by the end of the film. BookMyShow-BMS-Advance-Booking-PREM-RATAN-DHAN-PAYO-PRDP-Movie-TicketsCoz – second row from front!

But what an experience it is to watch a film with a fan. If you follow my blog, you know my taste. 😛
But c’mon, I’m a sucker for Cinema and all the rest can be kept aside. Apuorva was hooting, cheering and even had moist eyes during sad scenes.
And as far as I’m concerned, I was overwhelmed to see Sooraj Barjatya, pull a ‘Sooraj Barjatya’ on an 2015 audience, ever so smoothly.


My phone rang at 1 am, Mom was furious. “Leave it and come home, it’s late!”, she said. Well, that hurt. It was a long long film. At points I caught myself thinking about the scenes I would’ve easily edited out to save time. But you know what? Mr. Barjatya doesn’t care! He wants Prem to individually hug all his siblings, his love and his look-alike Prince. Mr. Barjatya doesn’t care if it’s late and I’ve to get home, he wanted me to wait back and see how much Prem is loved and can love.
That’s what I loved the most about the film!

The film was logically modernised, with the Raja listening to music with earphones on, on his I-Phone, with Rani wearing a cleavage showing skimpy dress and luring Prem who at the end sticks to his strong sanskaars and doesn’t take advantage of her.  Screen Captures1_0_0_1_0_0_0_0

There were classic Rajshri moments – a game to unite the family, a song about food, and Anupam Kher. There wasn’t any pet though and no Alok Nath. But there was Deepak Dhobriyal and frankly, he’s sufficient enough for the ‘good acting’ quotient in the film.

Salman Khan is white. Like really. I’m not being racist. I never knew he was this fair. Pun-intended. Sonam was, well, Sonam. And I personally got creeped out each time I saw Armaan Kohli, coz, Jaani Dushman? ak
Neil Nitin Mukesh is a good actor I feel, but one Salman is enough to overshadow, here there are two! So yea.

The supporting cast is very strong. The story is very Rajshri. Prem is very Prem.

Good to have you back, Mr. Barjatya.

Watch it to revive them sanskaars, friends. B|



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