I was asked to write a post some months ago but I couldn’t find a movie which evoked in me the urgency to write and share what I felt to the world but never before did I ever see a movie which got me hooked for 1 hour and 40 minutes, only to leave me crying like a baby in my bed in the last 12 minutes.


The movie ‘Raincoat’ happened to me, via YouTube suggestions (serendipity is a real thing).  Ajay Devgn was incentive enough for me to click watch I think he depicts the perfect Mills & Boons guy, tall, dark and handsome and do you guys rmemeber how he used to flick his long hair away from his eyes and OMFG what eyes !!!!!! Aishwarya Rai I was only hoping to avoid, however her character Neeru is what  I saw my own reflection in.

The movie was released in 2004 and I only remember watching it’s trailer on the tv once, as a nine year old the movie’s name got me curious and I wasn’t disappointed after watching it finally ten years later because I don’t  think it could be named anything better. It’s a low budget, two hour long movie, directed by Rituparno Ghosh who is the author of the book by the same name as the movie.


Raincoat couldn’t have been more well-timed in my life, the last teen year when you claim to have found the love of your life and nobody believes it, sometimes you yourself don’t believe it. The time when your dreams meet the harsh realities. When sometimes you are sure this is the person you will be married to, sometimes wisdom dawns on you and you realise, marriage isn’t even the point.  

If you’re a grown up trying to ‘adult’ and in the process have forgotten these notions, Raincoat will do good to get you back in the last teen year of your life. Gulzar’s voice and Rituparno Ghosh’s intricately portrayed scenes will make sure it does. The opening shots show rather than tell, which is why I felt it wasn’t just the story of Neeru and Manoj but everybody who’s loved and lost.


When Manoj cries in the shower, I felt his humiliation, when he goes to people begging  for money, I felt more helpless than him, when he waited outside Neeru’s door, I was scared Neeru will not recall him, I felt my heart break anticipating his heartbreak. When she opened the door and he walked in, I walked in, I walked inside my person’s house, just that he is now married to someone and it is their house, is he still then my person? I touched the floor of that house and felt the weird familiarity yet distance in it.

I quite hated Neeru for how much of ‘angrej’ she had become from the village girl she was, I knew Mannu was happy on seeing how comfortable she was, not filled with contempt. The beauty of the movie lies in the question it puts to you and how you would react in those circumstances. It reminded me of the silly self-analysis quizzes I loved so much as a kid.

When Mannu gives away all the money he has, just to ensure Neeru’s well-being even if it means he would be in a dire state himself. I screamed asking him to stop, but I knew he would give it away, I knew I would give it away. I felt Mannu’s pain rather than Neeru’s on seeing her living a petty life and how he would be in a same state himself if he gives away that money. Suddenly I hate Neeru, for no fault of hers.

But the last minute (which I’m not giving away) makes my tear glands explode and that is when I felt most destitute. All my senses went for a toll washed away  in the sudden wave of emotions inside me after watching the most romantic saga which ever graced the screen.  r4

Raincoat is the answer, to all of you who are married to your spouses and wonder if your person still thinks of you, Raincoat is the answer. Actually it’s only an assurance because the answer was within you all the time na?

Raincoat on IMDB

– About Poonam
Paranoid teenager on the lookout of all things beautiful, words and pictures.
Forte’s include identity crisis and paralysis by analysis.
Studies law in part time.


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