First things first, WHY ARE PEOPLE SPEAKING SO ILL ABOUT THIS MOVIE? I tried my best and successfully stayed away from any review or suggestion. I’d been desperately looking forward to Tamasha and whoever says whatever, it is not ‘the same story.’ (Referring to the tagline.)

Watch, don’t watch. But don’t hate. That colours others’ decision to watch a film and that sucks.

Anyway, very curious- the boy who plays little Ranbir, is he his relative? BECAUSE HE’S SUCH A RANBIR KAPOOR! Hats off to the casting team. That baby is his carbon copy. And a promising child actor. Just like how promising an actor is Ranbir!

Woof! Ranbir is magic. Ranbir is mediocre. Ranbir can be anything and anyone. So honestly, I am not a Ranbir Kapoor fangirl. I’m a Ranveer Singh kind of a girl, so when I say Ranbir is amazing, I mean that solely based on his performance. That guy is a stunner of an actor. So yey!


Coming to the movie, Tamasha is a concept driven film. The concept I won’t reveal, you’ll have to watch it. It’s a rather simple concept that revolves around a love story. And according to me, the reach and hold that Imtiaz Ali has on modern love stories, nobody does. Atleast, I don’t believe those other stories, but when Mr. Ali narrates them to me, I’m all game.

Ved and Tara. Lovers. Soulmates. Bestfriends. She’s his Heer, Juliet, Sita and what not. Every point, every time I was convinced. My favourite scene where I couldn’t control my tears is this scene in a restaurant when Ved comes to meet Tara and they have an argument and she stops him from storming away. The pushing and pulling – the ‘don’t get physical’ – the ‘look how I become around you, your energy is so negative’ – dialogue, actions and emotions. It was so moving. So well executed!

So, Love Aaj Kal has this massive impact on me – each time I watch it I reason out that Saif and Deepika dated other people and it didn’t work out and got back after 3 years. Deepika (Meera) waited for him infact. She just hopefully waited for him after one fail attempt – ‘Woh aa jaayega, agar jaan paaya, toh aa jaayega!‘ It takes him 3 years but he does return back.
The same happiness passed through my veins while watching Tamasha when she casually waits for Ved for 4 years. And more!
That’s a long time but why doesn’t it seem long in love?
Or, so justified in an Imtiaz Ali film?

Ranbir is so good in the second half but so is Deepika, in the entire film. Specially in the opening scene. She’s just blossoming film after film. And the way the credits play out is so refreshing!

The movie at points reminded me of Fight Club, with Ranbir going all bipolar on me. But still he’s believable and lovable.

So steer and clear – sucker for love? You’ll like it!
I loved it! I loved the treatment. The non-linear narrative, gimmicky (in a positive way) story depictions, and Piyush Mishra’s voice.

Special mention is this nailer of a lyricist, Irshad Kamil.
‘Wat Wat’ played out wonderfully in the narrative.
And, Corsica is beautiful.


Lots of ‘comedy in tragedy’ moments here.
It’s always so tough to decide which Imtiaz Ali film I like the most. It’s a good thing. 🙂

Tamasha on IMDB


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