I’m angry!
I’m so angry right now!
I watched a very very liberating and powerful film after ages.
If you’re a woman, or a man, or both, GO watch this film. There are SO many things you need to know about a woman.
Her feelings, her plight, her shortcomings, this society and its patriarchy but also, the power and determination a woman withholds to go on and win the world.

I missed this film at MAMI to watch a French film I absolutely loved.
Also, because I knew that this would release at some point in theatres.
The censor board needs to calm down with the cuts. Although, thankfully they didn’t steal the movie’s thunder. Just that, they blurred Kali’s (Indian Goddess) picture in a scene. Only Goddess knows why!


All the 7 actresses – gorgeous and fierce. Conversations as natural as there wasn’t a script ever involved.
Love shown so honestly, loss shown so ruthlessly.
Pan Nalin (Writer/Director) has nailed it and how!

The music of the film is praise-worthy too!

The 7 Goddesses had me loving them, mourning over their loss, chilling with them and even checking out the shirtless neighbour, along with them.

Each and every angle seemlessly intertwined and solved. Beautifully written, executed and performed.
The women had no make-up on them! What a breath of fresh air.

But coming to what really moved me – on every step in our society a woman faces an atrocity –
She’s easy if she wears shorts.
She’s a whore if she’s slept with her boyfriend before marriage.
She’s a dope head if she smokes cigarettes.
She’s a bitch if she minds you complimenting her.
Basically, she’s a woman. And that’s bad enough.

1226175_Angry Indian Goddesses d

But when a ‘woman’ is an ‘angry woman’ things could get serious bro!

This film is an encyclopaedia for all the lunatics out there who disrespect women. And the ones who think they can get away with it, try to anger a woman, just for kicks. 🙂

Personally, I love how I let a film take over my senses. I was angry and moved when I walked out of the theatre, I entered a salon and got my hair braided. Just. Maybe to rebel. Maybe to celebrate my womanhood. Maybe to be whoever I wanted to be that moment. Maybe to feed my anger a bit more.

At some point in life you will come across this film, it’s THAT film. Don’t miss it!


Angry Indian Goddesses on IMDB



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