The Story –

Bajirao-Mastani is based on a Marathi novel ‘Rau’ by N.S Inamdar.
Bio-pics, true stories have a way with me. They stay and resonate more, maybe because the fact that THIS actually happened (in it’s not so cinematic way) is an extremely fascinating thought.

Bhansali’s Bajirao-Mastani is grand! It’s larger than life! Big sets, big warzones, big everything! And very very well done.

Ranveer is a dream to watch as Peshwa Bajirao. He’s caught the Marathi accent effortlessly and looks charming when angry. Bhansali says this is Ranveer’s best performance till date. I sort of agree. Ranveer Singh is one of the finest actors we have now, it’s safe to say.


Deepika is mesmerizing as Mastani. Uff! That nazaakat, that ada! She’s soft, she’s stern, she’s so Mastani. I love Deepika to another level. Her beauty is beyond logic. Her performances just keep getting better. What’s there that she can’t do?


But  my favourite was Priyanka. Convincing and heart-breaking. I’ll talk about that later in the post.

At points, Bajirao – Mastani seemed to be taking too many cinematic liberties and basic logic in the story line was missed. Though flawed, Bajirao-Mastani is a good one!

The supporting cast is also very convincing in their periodic get-ups.
Tanvi Azmi, who plays Peshwa’s mother has nailed it! Watch out for her.

So overall, the bio-pic is filled with yearning, plight and pure unapologetic love. Beautiful art and choreography and simply yet interestingly explained history.
This one shouldn’t be missed.

The True Story – 

In a scene, Kashi tells Bajirao that though Krishna loved Rukmini (his wife) also very much, the world still remembered him with his girlfriend. He was addressed as ‘Radha’s Krishna.’ Bajirao tells her that won’t be their case. But wasn’t it?
And I was drawn back to the famous name association ‘Bajirao -Mastani,’ and something hurt deep down inside. bm.jpg

What hurt is that this is a true story. There was really a Kashibai who waited for her King for 8 months a year, hoping-praying that he doesn’t die at war and that he comes back to her safe and sound.
He comes back one day losing his knife, she fondly refers to as his mistress. Little does she know, he’s lost it to a woman who has lost her heart to him.
That woman even lands up one day in Kashi’s territory and lures her husband during a dance. What’s worse? The husband let’s her lure him in front of a huge crowd comprising of family and friends.
This woman then goes on to ask for his hand, he’s so smitten by her that he marries her.
Makes love to her.
Doesn’t tell a word to Kashi, who he calls ‘not only his wife but his closest friend.’
He wins a war and doesn’t go home but goes to Mastani to celebrate it.
Kashi guesses it, just like half of Marathwada.
He tells his Mom that Mastani is pregnant, whom he’s not scared to accept in front of the world.
He half-heartedly beats round the bush to Kashi that he’s not only sleeping with another woman but also wants to keep her child. But he doesn’t confess, because around then Kashi tells him that she’s pregnant with his child.
He keeps both their babies. He even insists on keeping them in the same Palace.
Kashi is dying every single day because she’s to live with the fact that she’s been rejected by the one she loves the most.
Whereas, Mastani has zero guilt for ruining Kashi’s world and Bajirao is as convenient as ever.
He even leaves the women alone to solve their own shit.
Years later, Kashi confronts him and tells him that she forgave Mastani because she’s an outsider but Bajirao shouldn’t have broken her self-pride.
He goes back to Mastani as conveniently as ever. But he still loves Kashi like he did. Like whaaaa?
If all this humiliation wasn’t enough, on his death bed, he sees Kashi and addresses her as Mastani.
And Kashi, she still loves him, forgives him, she wants his happiness so much that she willingly lets Mastani have him.

Fool like that deserves it, no?

It’s a brilliantly adapted film. Just as a film.
I’m sorry Kashibai, you deserved much better than what you settled for.


Bajirao-Mastani on IMDB


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