What a weekend this has been!

So first things first, I promise I won’t be biased to this film because, ahem, SRK.
But having said that, I had very very low expectations from Dilwale because it’s a Rohit Shetty film. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look down upon his sense of film-making but it is true that it caters to a particular type of audience. ‘A Rohit Shetty and team’ film thrives on entertainment and not much on logic and plot lines.
Though I was highly entertained by Chennai Express, it wasn’t one of the best written or said stories. It’s simple as that.

Surprisingly, Dilwale has a decent story. It follows a logical plot line, with bad expositions but still some genuinely laughter-inducing lame jokes.
Before anyone else, I’d mention Sanjay Mishra.
Rohit Shetty brings out the best of randomness out of Sanjay Mishra.
He rhymes absolutely anything with everything. One of my favourites was – “Kaun hai yeh Namakool, Colgate aur Babool.”

Johnny Lever after so long! His loud, funny self. He’s always a treat to watch. He hasn’t tried too hard to make you laugh so that’s nice.

Varun Sharma (ChuCha from Fukrey) has the cutest voice ever! He and Varun Dhawan have a brilliant chemistry, much better than what Dhawan and Kriti Sanon have.

But my heart skipped a beat each time Kajol made an appearance. In her classy high-waist skirts, blow dried curls, and seductive eyes, Kajol created magic.
She’s a confident and stunning woman. How I love her.


Coming to the most important part, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. Man! How sexy can he get? He’s mannered and well-behaved as Raj. He’s fierce and gorgeously attractive as Kali.


SRK and Kajol define love. They’re perfect onscreen.
I was watching attentively without blinking each time Meera and Kali loved each other, I was sad each time they went their separate ways.
They kept me hooked.

Gerua, Janam-Janam and Daayire are my ‘love songs to stay’ of 2015.
Amitabh Bhattacharya can make any film sound good!


Coming back to Dilwale, it’s a typical Rohit Shetty film with less of the randomness and more of a love story.
The randomness is funny though. And infectious.
I went to a shady theatre ‘on purpose’, because what is a ‘paisa vasool’ film if you can’t whistle and hoot, right?

Varun Dhawan got to do his Govinda and Salman Khan impersonations to his satisfaction. He was quite good!
SRK- Kajol are well, adorbssss!
Boman Irani was underused, but for whatever little he got, he did a fine job as ‘King’- the don.

Do not dwell much into the story or justifications. Things will happen here conveniently and will be forgotten conveniently.

So don’t!

Buy your tickets to Chandan or Gaiety, buy your samosas and yell your lungs out on SRK’s entry with fellow SRK-ians.


Dilwale on IMDB


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