I am an ardent fan of regional films. Specially Marathi and Bengali. I’ve come across some insane ones.

Katyar Kaljaat Ghusli is one such Marathi film that left me overwhelmed by its abundant beauty.
As the name suggests, it indeed did pierce through my heart like a dagger. Uff!
The film somehow, though not relevant, reminded me of Jaatishwar.


Watched Sachin Pilgaonkar after a long long time on the big screen, and boy, isn’t he a delightful performer to watch! Unlike his ever-so-jolly persona, Sachin plays a supreme classical singer from an esteemed Gharana of Miraj from back in the British Raj days. A magnificent artist tied by his ego and desire to win – how his certain decisions lead to some disastrous repercussions, are convincingly portrayed. I hated his ways, which means he succeeded gloriously as ‘Khan Saheb.’


But my hero was undoubtedly the man with the golden voice and magical fingers – Mr. Shankar Mahadevan. He as Pandit Bhanuprasad enacts compassion and kindness with excellence. Also, he’s such a cutie!
And this trio, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, what music they make!
I’m not a listener of classical music per say and hence the fact that the music of this film stayed and resonated so much with me, for me means a lot.


Loved how people were going ‘waah-waah’ in the theatre! It was indeed tough to control. Some moments in the film were hypnotic. Good music and lyrics do that to one.

Subodh Bhave, first time director and actor has nailed it in this musical drama. He’s a brilliant actor himself! I loved him in a Jugalbandi sequence that happens between him and Sachin.

Both the actresses, Amruta and Mrinmayee have given these ace actors a tough competition.
The two girls playing their younger version and the little boy playing Subodh’s younger version are also memorable.
Apni Sakshi Tanwar was so bitter man. Well, her character was supposed to be. But wow, so much aversion, she really made me hate her. So good!


Coming back to this film – it taught me, rather reinforced one simple lesson we’ve learnt and heard over the years – True Art should only bring humility.

Arrogance and art don’t go hand in hand.

Must remember this lesson and what better way than to remember it through this overwhelming piece of art.

P.S: Watch it on the big screen or in one go if you download it.

Katyar Kaljaat Ghusli on IMDB

This post is from a brilliant blog I follow for all my film updates- F.I.G.H.T C.L.U.B -these guys are awesome! Read it up if you want an insightful and detailed look at Katyar Kaljaat Ghusli’s mesmerizing album.

Here’s my favourite song from the film – Yaar Illahi


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