This film is like your first love, it never gets old and once is never enough.

This trilogy, specially the first part is overwhelming.
Richard Linklater is God! Each time I come across something new in the writing of this masterpiece, something deeper and stronger. As I’m growing up and developing greater and diverse understandings of my surrounding, this movie makes more and more sense and opens up more and more to me.


There’s this scene, where people sitting on different tables in a restaurant have their own distinct conversations. This guy complains about how this generation is getting worse, because the waiter isn’t coming to their table in time. He mentions how this wouldn’t have been tolerated in New York.
I chuckled because Jesse is also so much like that. Well, not entirely, but he shows streaks of being that judgemental, uptight guy. And in the beginning he mentions to Celine that he’s an American, of which she makes fun. So is this an American thing? Well, it is. It came across rather subtly.


Celine loves Jesse. C’mon. She loves him the moment she goes and sits opposite him. She looks at him and looks back again. She doesn’t ‘check him out’, she simply looks at him again. It is a ‘female thing.’
I knew it the moment they kissed, that she’d hesitate at first to make love.
She has to keep him, safe and pure.
He’s not just a one night stand!
The thought of wanting to know how’d it feel like, how’d he feel, that’s way too precious than doing it and letting go.
Celine wanted to hold onto him, so did I.

God! Jesse is strongly opinionated and with a guy like that, I’m sure, tons of arguments are waiting. But he challenges her intellect, he questions, and he doesn’t want to get into her pants. I mean, atleast he tries to genuinely listen to her.

The ‘imaginary phone calls to friends’ – the ‘lying down on the grass and talking about running away from one’s own self’ – the ‘accepting one’s individual space but being vulnerable for love’.
Also, that moment when Jesse says, “People always talk about how love is this totally unselfish, giving thing, but if you think about it, there’s nothing more selfish.”

There’s nothing that hasn’t been told about this film, there’s nothing I can add to that. So I’ll stop.
Just know, if you’ve not watched this film, you’ve missed out on a lot of beauty life has to offer.


Before Sunrise on IMDB



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