The beauty of watching the ‘Before Trilogy’ is that each time it is new. It teaches me something new. Like the first time, it opens up a different part of my brain, my heart and it stays. It lingers. Hauntingly beautiful, this masterpiece.

They’ve turned 41. Jesse is divorced. His then 4 year old is now in High School. Celine and he have twins. But she loves his boy, Henry, just as much. Jesse’s wife is a bitch and I don’t care much for her.

You know what fuck it! I want Jesse and Celine to be together and it all happened for the best.

Oh the longing and baggage of mid-life!


Love is now practical and whiny and priorities have changed. Not changed, evolved.
You know all that soul-mates crap sounds melodious in the initial years, post that it requires some fucking hard work to sustain that friendship within that love. There are insecurities and a lot of pessimism.

Out of all the three films, this one made me cry.
That Hotel room scene, Celine is fierce, she’s had it with Jesse. She’s angry and it’s all mounting up. He controls his frustration but vents it out. There’s blame-game and unhappiness!
There’s even ‘I don’t love you anymore.’

I was scared, I kept telling Celine to take it easy, unless she wants to genuinely lose him. That was my contant fear. “Don’t say it, he’ll leave you.”
But fuck that. She didn’t care about ‘losing’ him. It’s Jesse and Celine. They know each other in and out. They probably got this time after years to just – talk. Complain, whine, cry, feel the connect and talk!


Each time Celine tells him, it’s over and she doesn’t feel it and he replies to her saying she’s the only one for him, his life revolves around her and the girls – it was like she knew it, she still had to hear it.

A wrinkled 41 year old Celine was looking for validation. It was justified, it was reassuring.

Jesse probably did fuck that Emily girl from the bus tour. Celine probably did really stop loving him, when she said so. But they held it together.
Jesse still has to figure out how he’ll get himself around Henry, Celine still doesn’t know whether she wants to take up that government job.

They’re still pretty fucked up. Together.

Oh the selfish joy I felt on seeing that it doesn’t matter who has the last word in the argument, ultimately you both lose and you both win.

I’m so happy right now! So happy.

Before Midnight on IMDB


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