I watched Natasamrat last week, but I couldn’t write about it and then it fizzled off my mind.
But it isn’t fizzling off social media so I decided to mention it on my blog – for the exact opposite reasons I mentioned ‘Tamasha’.

First things first,
‘Vah! Life Ho Toh Aisi’ was the last Mahesh Manjrekar  film I watched. Years later, watching an intriguing trailer of ‘Natasamrat’ I was excitedly anticipating what he’ll bring to us – the ‘Hindi Cinema’ goers.
Natasamrat is a Marathi film, but it has Nana Patekar and Vikram Gokhale, ace actors, who are easily accessible to the regular movie-goers.

It’s a big ass regional film, hence, it’s getting insane media coverage. Also, with the intention to promote regional cinema and to encourage the audience to watch these films. It’s a good thing, I want to make a Marathi film, so this really makes me happy!


A mediocre story line, with mediocre characters. Ace actors, yes, but very limited to do.
I was looking forward to the film up till the interval. But honestly, it could’ve gotten over at the interval.
I’m not a whiny movie-watcher, you know that by now. Hence, I insist that Natasamrat is too long to be true, with repetitive scenes, forceful Baghban moments.

In the second half my friend and I were only laughing, coz post each scene we anticipated the end of the film, or us. That tedious! Nope, we didn’t disturb fellow patrons though.
‘A phone call’ signifying bad exposition plays a very pivotal role in the film – it majorly, only conveniently delivers bad news.
Slowly-slowly every old miserable person dies a painful death on the behalf of the audience because today’s generation sucks, etc.

Nana Patekar was fierce but I personally don’t enjoy the overdramatic-feel bad-coz I’m old- treatment to any film. I haven’t thrown my parents out of my home, so why am I made to sit here for 2345676543 hours and why am I supposed to feel guilty!

The actress who plays Nana’s wife, ‘Sarkaar’, as he fondly calls her , I really liked her soothing voice. But post she died (I didn’t ruin anything for you, everybody dies) I wanted to die with her. Not with the trauma but boredom.

Wife-cheating men feeling guilty on their death- parents hurting kids- fail surprise moments to shock the audience- speeches, speeches everywhere!


Coming back to why I mentioned Tamasha, you remember how people hated and spoke against it? I know so many who didn’t go for it, thinking it’s a bad film! Same goes with this one, in the reverse order.
It’s nice that certain people who have the power to influence opinions want people to go watch it, but then they should do the same for each and every film, or atleast for regional films.
Katyaar is a beautifully underrated film. Why?

Anyway, I won’t colour your opinion.
Every film deserves to be watched. Just like Natasamrat or Tamasha, but post watching Tamasha you’ll sleep well and chances are you’ll sleep during Natasamrat. 😛




Natasamrat on IMDB


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