Tarantino. Quentin Tarantion. Naam hi kaafi hai.

I remember the rage that had erupted when half of the script or story of this one was leaked. I don’t remember what exactly, but I tried my best to refrain from any spoilers and I did it with conviction.

My favourite moment was when in the opening credits this appeared – ‘Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino’ and I hooted and clapped along with fellow patrons. It’s a good feeling to see how welcoming we are and how Cinema unites us.

I’m not a religious Tarantino fan but I’ve watched most of his films and I’ve loved them.
Death Proof is that one movie of his that not many of my friends like, but it comes in my ‘top three film of Tarantino’. It’s a roller-coaster of an entertainer! Why am I mentioning it? Because after long, I was that entertained by a Tarantino film.

I love how unapologetic and rude Tarantino is as a writer. He calls an African-American, ‘black’. He punches and kicks women. He unforgivably kills the hero as if he were nothing, as if he were worthless. I love how he uses twisted yet intellectual conversations to keep one hooked for long stretches. I love that he’s a hateful person, in this one!

Samuel. L. Jackson’s character – Major Marquis is this guy whom I trust, respect and also get scandalised by. He’s unpredictable, although the consequences get the best of him. Which also gets hilarious at points. Comedy in tragedy for the poor guy.

I couldn’t recognise Kurt Russell, man. He’s such a marvellous performer. He’s on an important mission but he doesn’t know what’s awaiting him. Whatever it is, he fights through it very convincingly.
BUT, the show stealer was this bomb of an insane actress Jennifer Leigh. WHAT A CRAZY WOMAN! Loved her in each and every frame. Her eyes spoke when she didn’t. She’s dangerous and funny. Give her the Academy Award please!


8 hateful mofos outdoing each other – winning – losing and surviving, in style!
There’s this intense yet rib-tickling face off somewhere in between the film, that changes the entire scenario of the film, I enjoyed that moment to the fullest. Unpredictable and teasing, this film.
Also, the last moment, when the film ends, is extremely endearing.

There are more powerful performances by actors like Michael Madson, Zoe Bell, and Channing Goodlooking Tatum. Jeez, I wish I could see more of him!



Drifting, but, Zoya Akhtar had said in an interview that, when you give a film ‘A certificate’ let the audience decide whether they’re of the age to watch the film. And if not, they shouldn’t. There’s no point in giving a film ‘A certificate’ and cutting off scenes.
I agree with her more than anything.

And if I’m an adult why on earth can’t I hear words like ‘fuck’ and ‘black’?
I’m developing a lot of aversion towards the Censor Board, man.
You’re only encouraging piracy.


There are a few unwanted edits, however, The Hateful Eight deserves a theatre watch.

Get your scores in place, Oscars 2016 is round the corner! 😀

P.S: The music and the narration are two things one must look forward to.

The Hateful Eight on IMDB

Sucharita Tyagi – Not A Movie Review


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