What a scary prospect it is for a wife for her husband to realize 6 years down his happy married life that he is a woman inside and has been suppressing it because it isn’t a common phenomenon in the times he lives.

Einar Wegener pioneered the transgender movement across the world and set an example of finding and vouching for one’s true identity.
Last year, Eddie Redmayne took away an Oscar for his larger than life personification of Stephen Hawking. I remember watching it and thinking to myself that this guy would make such a pretty girl. And voila! A year later he potrayed Einar or Lili as we must call her, and he did it rather convincingly.



But for me, Alicia Vikander stood out – Gerda Wegener, the wife of then Einar.
Einar came out of the closet and accepted his true being, but Gerda, Gerda had nothing to do with that, she didn’t even have a say.
My heart cringed when she begged Lili to return her husband back to her, knowing that it isn’t possible. Despite of this Gerda stuck through Lili, against every odd and all obstacles.


Focussing on the fact that this is a true story, all I can think of is life is so unfair. There’s no karma coming back, there are just situations – we overcome them and move on.
We hurt and get hurt. There’s nobody writing your actions down. If that was the case, life would even itself out eventually.

Lots of strength to everyone out there finding their true selves. And lots more to the ones who get left behind.

With some artistic scenes and non preachy but touching dialogue, Tom Hooper has tried to work his magic. It’s a reasonably good film, but the actors delivered to perfection.

The Danish Girl on IMDB

Here, Desplat’s magic.


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