Directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan, The Visit blends in between horror and thriller. Two grandchildren, boy and girl, go to visit their grandparents for the first time. Their mother disconnected from her parents long long ago. They found her online and asked her to send their grandchildren for a week to visit their old grandparents.

However, events don’t quite turn out as they should’ve ideally.
Firstly, the film is shot on two handycams and a documentary feel has been given to it.
Infact, the girl is filming them particularly to make a documentary.

What starts as getting to know their grandparents leads to a tragic end.

The grandmother is scary as hell. She walks around post 9:30 pm with a knife in her hand. Write on walls with her nails (I know, I got that jitter too.) She even crawls on her limbs like an animal. The_Visit_2
Grandfather tells the kids that she’s suffering from a syndrome called ‘sundown.’ Basically she loses her plot at night.
The grandchildren skype their mother and describe to her that something’s seriously disturbing about their grandparents.

A lot more happens, and one has confirmed that they’re possessed, but are they?
Watch it to find out.
I missed this at MAMI, I don’t regret it much, but it’s a pretty good example of a mixture of horror and thriller.

Special mention – The younger brother. His raps are outstanding and he’s a brilliant performer. I loved him!








The Visit on IMDB


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