What a surprise package this film is!

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Mainly because Airlift proves to all the Screenwriters and Cinema lovers out there, that a biopic/true story doesn’t need to be glorified to make it look heroic.

Did you know when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 (2 years before I was born), over 160, 000 Indians were misplaced? ‘Refugees in their own land’ as one of the characters’ rightfully cries. 2 men, in those times, came out to rescue them and safely take back to India. 2 men who had enough money to easily escape with their families from the warzone, but they stayed back and saved their fellow humans. Why? Nope, not to be heroes. To be humans. Airlift is modified a bit, those 2 men, here are 1 – Akshaye Kumar.


It’s so interesting to see his character evolve from the first half to the second. Wherein in the first half he’s a ‘Kuwaiti’ who doesn’t like India and it’s corruption and population one bit, transforms into a man who realises that you always belong to your roots.

And no, he doesn’t become a hero who beats up the villian, he is but a man with a conscience that awakens at the right time. I love at one point when he gives up and gets angry when the others whom he is rescuing call him a ‘leader’. Nope, he doesn’t want that credit.

The dialogue writing is SO GOOD! “Jab chont lagti hai toh ‘maa maa’ hi nikalta hai” – on being asked for his sudden love for India. Writers – Ritesh Shah, Suresh Nair, Raja Menon and Rahul Nangia have done such a brilliant job!

There was a small moment in the second half when the film seemed a little ‘filmy’, because that was the only time it felt unreal, but it was avoidable. Solely because the film was SO MUCH  in the real zone – with background songs.

Prakash Belawadi was outstanding as usual!

I hated Nimrat Kaur’s character in the first half, but loved how she evolved too, as Amrita Katyal. Seldom do I see Akshaye Kumar perform, but when he does, he proves why he’s still here and so good! Very handsome, very convincing.
Also, Purab Kohli, saw him after Jal. So much pyaar for his character, ‘Ibrahim’.

BIG SHOUTOUT to Director Raja Menon
And DOP, Priya Seth

To the heroes in India and in Kuwait who helped these people return back to their land, and to the Kuwaitis who lost their lives in the name of war – A BIG SALUTE.

History is such a favourite subject!


Airlift on IMDB


3 thoughts on “Airlift (2016)

  1. Der aaye durust aaye. I was waiting since long for this to be on your blog.

    Its the simplicity of this movie that I loved the most. This is how a real life incident should be shown & not by adding dramatic scenes.

    You should have added :- “Insaan Ki Fitrat Hi Aisi Hai” ahead of Jab Chot Lagti Hai.

    A lot of credit here should go to Priya Seth, she has done a brilliant work with the DOP.

    Prakash Belawadi is an expert for these type of movies with Madras Cafe, Talvar & now Airlift. I loved Kumud Mishra as well, he was too good.

    This is a story that needs to be seen, even I wasn’t born then.


    1. I leave the intricate detailing for you to cover. 🙂
      You must tell more and more people to watch it! Yeh hua na story telling. Yea, Kumud Mishra was cute. So was the actress who played George’s wife. Sab kuch accha laga mujhe toh!


  2. Yeah & Infact people are going to watch this ahead of KKHH which is what makes me happy.

    Hum aapki baaton se sehmat hai, sab kuch achcha hai iss movie mein. 😊😃😄


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