I swear it felt like I’m watching R. Madhavan after ages onscreen. I couldn’t remember his performance post 3 Idiots, and then someone told me he came in Tanu Weds Manu Returns last year. I had absolutely forgotten him in that.
Why? Why does Madhavan get such roles when the man deserves SO MUCH MORE!
What magic he is yaar!


Writer/Director, Sudha Kongara has done such a fine job. RHF ne produce kiya hai boss!
I was most excited because of that. And does Mr. Hirani ever disappoint? 🙂

Madhavan looks very sexy, he’s  ‘Adi’ – the Saala Khadoos Coach and he’s so convincing and mast!
Ritika Singh, Madhi, is such a time bomb, herself. She blasts onscreen with her acting skills and looks so naturally gorgeous.

My friend and I kept comparing the film to Chakde India, because we got a vibe of that sort, there were plot-point similarities but they’re completely different stories with different moods. This song where Madhi falls for Adi and daydreams about him, is adorable!

405158-madhavanThere’s this beautiful thought I derived from the film, while some sportswomen have to compromise to climb up the ladder, Adi just wants to guide the fire burning in Madhi’s belly to its final destination, and in that process there’s a bond made much deeper than any of us could have imagined. So smile inducing!

It’s a smooth watch, with convincing performances and no pretense.
I’m so happy that with horrendous cinema like Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 and Mastizaade, we’re trying our best to save India with gems like Saala Khadoos and Airlift.

Watch this one for the stellar Madhavan, you guyz!

Saala Khadoos on IMDB


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