Room is my bible for Dialogue Writing.

Can you  imagine being 19 and walking one fine day on the sidewalk, offering help to a man in need, and the very next moment being raped and locked up by him in his garden shed, the smallest in town, with just one glass window on the roof, FOR SEVEN YEARS?

Now can you imagine being born inside that room, that room as your only sense of the true world. That wardrobe as your bedroom? That window on the roof as your only source of skylight and understanding of ‘space’?

Joy gives birth to Jack 2 years after being locked in there. Jack changes her life for good! It doesn’t matter if he’s a rape child, he’s a child, he’s the nicest thing in Joy’s suffocating life.
Joy brings him up, meticulously keeping his human traits alive. He learns how to brush, how to count numbers, he speaks English and even exercises in that match box of a room. The people on TV for him are ‘people from TV’. They don’t exist in Jack’s world. They’re imaginary. Similarly, trees, oceans, wind – doesn’t exist in his world. In his Room.

On his 5th birthday, Joy decides to explain to him the truth of the moment. The world and her plight. Jack wants to be 4 again. Jack is the best bloody thing that has happened to me since I’ve watched the film. He is a bundle of joy. Pun intended.

There begins ‘Maa’s’ struggle to at least show her child the world she comes from.

“Jack, you’ll love it.”


“The world!”

Please just let me curl up in the corner and sob at this beauty.

I’ll stop now. Go watch Room. Give Brie Larson the Oscar already!
Give that baby the biggest kiss!

You know why I love Cinema so much? For gems like this one.


Room on IMDB



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