Whaaaaaat did I just watch?


Wade/Captain Deadpool/Ugly-hilarious Ryan Reynolds is the most bizarre super hero to exist in the history of Marvel! The first and only super-hero I want to go out on a date with – coz – HE’S GOT A SENSE OF HUMOR TO KILL FOR. Well, and his profession/mission requires him to kill.

Okay, first things first- Deadpool doesn’t stand out for its story. I mean it’s the same old love story – gone wrong – hero takes revenge – gets the girl back – happy ending.
But what made it stand out for me was the crisp and almost careless dialogue writing, the music and random pauses that took one into the mind of Deadpool in between extremely intense scenes.

“Some love stories start with a murder”, and rightfully so.

My favourite moments were of this guy who plays Ryan’s friend who runs a bar. Before leaving for an important mission, he helps Deadpool pack his guns and emphatically tells him, “I would’ve accompanied you, but I don’t want to.”

Morena Baccarin is drop dead gorgeous!deadpool-gallery-05.jpg

This film is the walking-talking exhibition of a bunch of high guys who had an insane time putting this one together.

You must watch this one!

Deadpool on IMDB




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