Life In A Metro (2007) – Album Talking

I had no internet for many days, this was overdue. But co-incidentally I met the Director of this film, a few days back, and realised the timing couldn’t have been more perfect so sharing this here.


P.S: Ignore my awkward hands.

Happy listening.


3 thoughts on “Life In A Metro (2007) – Album Talking

  1. Oh, it’s finally here. While writing the review of Neerja, I had songs going on & I did listen to Rishtey, Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si & In Dino.

    It’s a special album with all classic songs. My top pick could be Alvida.

    And I agree the most with the point you make about age:- our take on movies & it’s understanding does change with age. We were small when this movie released, so our take of it then & now would be different.

    Keep this thing going, maybe Omkara next. Let’s see. Just be yourself, it’s wonderful.


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