All the Aaron Sorkin fans in the house please stand up!!!

How can one look at Seth Rogen and not laugh a little. Just, you know, because it’s him! But there’s this moment when Steve Wozniak tells Steve Jobs that it’s not binary. One can be a decent human being and brilliant at what they do.
Something so accurate. Something I think women in particular excel at, at not being dicks on the personal front while conquering the world. 


The other day, co-incidentally I was discussing this with a male friend on how I think women don’t get to give excuses and hence are great at multi-tasking. It’s ingrained within us to own upto our responsibilities towards our home and the rest we achieve has to be managed in our free time.
But most men have the liberty to have a list of top 5 priorities, out of which, if they cannot simultaneously manage the first two, they give up on the second one, being, almost always, their loved ones. The last 3 don’t even get a glimpse of their time.

I saw this basic flaw in behaviour in Jobs too. It took him years to accept Lisa as his own.
But I loved how the man who’s made the best machine in the history of computers, says he is ‘poorly made.’

Women also have this other super quality called – compassion. So Jobs instantly bacame my hero again.

How can you see Kate Winslet and not think of Titanic? You won’t. She’s consumed me as Job’s ‘work wife’. I wish at some point they’d kiss or something. But. Steve, being, Steve. Uff! What a character!  sj

And a revolutionary! A rebel! No fear, just immense guts and belief in oneself. Jobs is ever inspiring and never will he as a subject seem boring. 

Jeez! You know I’ve met  Danny Boyle twice when he was in India auditioning for Slumdog Millionaire. I was 12 or 13, I didn’t know the man he was! I wish I did, I could’ve spoken to him about so many things. It’s cool, there’ll be a ‘next’ time. 😉

5000 chummas to  Michael Fassbender for being the most convincing Jobs ever!

Steve Jobs on IMDB



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