First things first, there’s nothing that can bring sunshine on a dull day like a good animated film!

I absolutely love and look forward to all releases. And hence, I was overly excited when Inside-Out not only won the Oscar for the Best Animated Film, but also got nominated in the Screenplay category, at the Academy awards.


Coming back to this laughter riot, Zootopia is a place in the Animal kingdom where Fox and Bunny, Tiger and mouse, can all stay together in harmony.
They are civilized animals, and follow the rules and guidelines of this city.
Enter Judy Hopps, a bunny with a petite butt and purple eyes, who wants to conquer her dreams and learns to never give up. She’s a lot like you and I (the petite butt is optional) she’s scared of the big world, is pushed down by the one’s above, and time and again been made to feel that she’s not good enough. I could totally connect with her.
She meets Nick Wilde who is a fox, and from there begins what I call the best friendship (potential love) story of 2016 so far!


Watch out for the animal puns, the Godfather reference and THAT SLOTH!
Haha, what a mood lifter, this one!

Also, the cast is insane. And the sound design is amazing. And the music too. Oh and everything, everything’s awesome! Also, Shakira! AHAAHA ❤ zootopia.jpg

God! I love animated films!

Zootopia on IMDB


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