Hey anonymous!

Hey anonymous, who are you?
where have you come from?
where do you want to go?

Hey anonymous, why do you hide behind that name?
Are you nervous coz the world is cruel?
Are you too cool, or guilty and ashamed?

Are you a lost lover? Or a love I lost?
Are you afraid of my temper,
or of the tears your name will cost?
Are you a stranger, wondering if I’ve lost my mind
Who are you?

Are you thin, tall and whiny?
or overweight, shy but gay?
Do you swing both ways?
Were you depressed too?
Do you like yoghurt with one topping or with two?
It’s 3 am on the clock and my eye lids droop
I had a party by myself, some chicken soup

For Jack’s lost soul
Hey anonymous, how does it feel to hide?
Are you lying to your real self and your loved ones alike?
Is it more comforting, do you feel like a cat?
Do you have a last name?
or a pin code to be exact!
Show yourself, anonymous, I promise to be nice!

Go by a name, that your parents gave you..
or your band members, or your foes
Go by a name, coz you have an identity
Don’t shy off of being who you want to be
tomorrow’s a new day to begin
Don’t be anonymous, stand out, if you don’t fit in

Will you?


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