I don’t know from where to start. Let me start from the amazing songs that this film has, Kar Gayi Chul and Buddhu Sa Mann are my mains offlate. The IMDB page gives credit to the following people, so I shall too –  Badshah, Amaal Mallik, Arko Pravo Mukherjee.


Now coming back to the film. Okay so,  in simple language, in screen-writing, there are some tried and tested stories that never go wrong. There are some universal emotions and evident character traits that we all resonate with and instantly connect. This film touches all those points and hence, even though it isn’t a film I haven’t seen before, it works its magic like its the first of its kind.

To elaborate – we’ve seen our fair share of dysfunctional families, living unhappily under one roof and through unexpected events we see them come close.
I can count films like that on my fingertips – Dil Dhadakne Do, Little Miss Sunshine, Snow (Barf), Monsoon Wedding, Kal Ho Naa Ho etc etc.

So why does Kapoor and Sons still work?

  1. Shakun Batra, Ayesha DeVitre, the writers of this film have hit the right chords at the right moments and not let it linger for long (majorly in the first half). I learnt this term recently, known as – Dialectic approach – no sides are being taken, but point of views are being presented.
    You do not love one particular character and hate the other, even if they are wrong IN THAT MOMENT. This is smooth yet engaging story telling.

  2. Foreshadowing game was so strong!
    Did you notice Rahul’s (Fawad) straight face when mom tells him to get her an Indian bride?
    Did you notice ‘Anu aunty’ being brought in a conversation much in the beginning and mom’s face going red?
    Foreshadowing is a tool used in writing, where the writer introduces the audience to a conflict but doesn’t give it away at once – and so when you see Anu aunty later in the birthday scene, you know mom isn’t going to be happy because you saw her face going red earlier hearing her name. Naughty daddy!
  3. The chaotic scenes. Do you remember the dinner scene in Piku? Where Bachchan and Moushumi Chatterjee argue, while Deepika and Irrfan flirt, all this happens in room. Overlapping each-other’s voices. Signifying differences in opinion and temperaments under one roof.

    i) In this film there are two such scenes – mom and dad fighting – plumber and water leakage – both sons getting involved – skeletons popping out.
    ii) And, the birthday party card game – family fighting inside because of Anu aunty – resulting in excessive chaos.
    Anu aunty has caused severe damage, hasn’t she? Haha.

    Although, the second half of this film was draggy for me. And I had issues with how convenient it was for dad. He should’ve been more remorseful. And Alia’s character should have been more than just a frictional tool between the two brothers and adding beauty to the frame, which she did. But the girl acts man, use her!

    I know, I’ve never written about any film in so much technical detailing before but I’ve been attending Satyanshu Singh’s screen-writing lectures at AIB First Draft and I couldn’t help but notice these points.

    How do I feel about the film in general? I smiled and felt sorry and danced and Fawad Khan is yummy. And Boobli, THAT CUTIEEE! ❤ Kapoor-and-Sons-new3

    Kapoor and Sons on IMDB


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