Finally! Caught this film before it ran out of the theatres. Work and life has been keeping me busy and I don’t regret it, but movie watching is also necessary na?
Worth the wait! Mihir and I loveee animated films. The amaze part about Mihir loving these films is that not only can he marvel at the intricate detailing of every frame, he can also create such beauty. A very major reason why I look forward to watching animated films with him is because we both keep ‘awwing’ at everything aww-worthy.
We were so happy in that secret Panda village! THERE WERE SO MANY PANDAS!

Lei Lei

Although, I’d like to bring back focus on the beautiful writing of this film. Be it dialogue or the story. From the amazing inspirational stuff that Oogway says, the excessive and forgiving love Po’s Goose father possesses to the hilarious moments in every tense scene – everything was extremely fulfilling.

Beautiful Mei Mei Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Wallpaper
Mei Mei

Also, what perfectly etched characters! You know sometimes as writers we get stuck at making one character different from the other, and then you watch a film like this which has exactly same PANDAS – each one with a unique and distinct quirk. No one’s like the other and yet look the same. Bohot impressive.

Hans Zimmer has nailed it, yet again.

Stay back to read the end credits.  Li-Po-and-Mr.-Ping-Kung-Fu-Panda-3

I was laughing throughout, and you should too.

Kung Fu Panda 3 on IMDB



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