Before I begin I must say I love Shah Rukh Khan to bits. I don’t need to justify that, but having said that I don’t need to be biased to everything he does. So I won’t.

I had great expectations from this film. Look at the names associated with it –
Habib Faisal, Maneesh Sharma, Sharat Katariya, Aditya Chopra.
I couldn’t go with the mindset that Fan would be just another Dilwale or Happy New Year. It’s more than just a 100 crore film!


Shah Rukh Khan was convincingly Gaurav Chandiya and Aryan Khanna. He made me look at both those characters as two separate individuals and that a star of his stature achieving is a great deal. He’s taking the Filmfare this year, and he deserves it.
Maneesh Sharma has managed to bring out brilliant performances from SRK and the entire supporting cast. But what troubled me was mainly and only the writing.

The first plot point is very unconvincing and chance based – but I don’t want to be overcritical so I won’t ponder over that.

There were long stretches of silences and pauses. 3 excruciatingly long chase sequences.
SRK chasing SRK. SRK beating up SRK. SRK winning SRK losing but winning coz it’s SRK but also losing coz it’s SRK. Too much of SRK in those sequences.

BUT some of the dialogues were hilarious. The character development was so amazing. Gaurav was layered so well that when he did the craziest thing ever, I wasn’t thinking that he isn’t capable of this. I wish Gaurav who is the Fan would have also been the hero of the film. The end resolution was justified but not entirely satisfying.

The most relatable stories come from the first 2 or 3 stages of Maslow’s Law.
Fan deals with the last one – Self Actualisation.
Aryan’s arrogance and then overcoming that with endless guilt which didn’t get resolved, makes you think and analyse the story but I’m afraid not many would do that.


The second half is so dry. Within the story Gaurav decides to take revenge from Aryan at a wedding he’s performing at – that could’ve been a cringing sequence but it was boring. I wish it had a song playing out or something. I’m not cribbing that there’s no song in the film, that’s amazing in fact, we’re becoming pure storytellers but if that’s the case then please refrain from putting three old school chase sequences?

I didn’t like Aryan Khanna. He wasn’t entirely like the real life SRK and wasn’t entirely a completely fictional superstar. If I’m watching the movie progress through my protagonist Gaurav, I want him to emerge out as the hero, even if he’s not logical. Make him logical, change his life, change his situation FOR BETTER.


Fan could’ve been so much more. But for me, it’s a bold attempt at genuine storytelling.. but not telling it enough.

Fan on IMDB


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