Such feels this movie has! Uff. Heart-warming and enchanting.
Seldom does a film get a round of applause at the interval and the end, and Nil Battey achieved that rather effortlessly.
I’m glad I know the writer Pranjal ChoudharySo I goofed up on the info as to how they wrote the film, Pranjal was kind enough to enlighten me. He said,  “I worked at Leo Burnett when we wrote this and weekends par major kaam hota tha kyunki weekday main toh 2 ghantey bhi nahi mil paatey the.”


What dedication! What is my excuse?
Hard-working people like these, who put out such amazing cinema for us to marvel over, are a daily source of inspiration and motivation.

‘Maths mein dabba gul’. What fond memories have been brought back!
I remember how I used to loathe Geometry, never understood anything. Specially, in my 10th, board exams. I literally practised the entire year so much that during my paper, I knew which sum came from which page number. Haha!
What have we not done to conquer that monster.
The school, Apu’s buddies – such honesty. Bohot love.

swara_1458649905_725x725 Ashwini Iyer Tiwari’s debut directorial venture and hasn’t she managed to get out the most amaze performances! Swara Bhaskar had proved many years back that she deserves leading lady films. Such a sweet sweet mom she is. Independent and strong, yet kind and vulnerable.
Ratna Pathak Shah is pyaaar! Love her equation with Swara in the film.
Pankaj Tripathi is such an ace actor and soooo funny!
But my most favourite person was Riya Shukla, the little girl who plays the daughter.
The Tiwaris always find and get out best performances from children. Remember Parth from Bhoothnath Returns?

Only if you’ve watched the film, watch this – Riya Shukla – in making
You’ll know why she’s the best Apu everr!

Nil Battey Sannata is that film that needs to be spread around through word of mouth because if you don’t encourage such a lovely film then you deserve to get poor watching a Happy New Year and a Grand Masti.

Guess what? A Tamil remake of this film is already in production. Much joy!

Also, what songs! ❤ FB-nil-battey-sannata-trailer

Nil Battey Sannata on IMDB


2 thoughts on “Nil Battey Sannata (2016)

  1. So much love 🙂 Thanks you me lovely 😀 I would work harder for such honest and heart felt appreciation. Cheers 🙂


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