I watched the film on Friday, but was refraining from writing about it. Dragged mom after ages to a cinema hall to catch a film! Last I think we watched Vakratund Mahakaaya together. She was cursing me throughout for getting her for such a morose film. But what was really hurting us was the fact that this isn’t fiction.

So firstly, biopics are such winners, seldom can one go wrong with them. Weirdly though, I hated Mary Kom directed by the same director – Omung Kumar, which was a biopic too. But he’s got it right with this one! images.jpg

Apart from some dance sequences and occasional cinematic dialogue writing with shaayaris and stuff, Sarabjit’s heart is always in the right place. The story has been retold, and for many of us, including me, told for the first time, in an earnest and unbiased manner.

What deeply hurts is the age old hatred and politics between the two countries. Certain sects taking advantage of this animosity and never allowing this wound to heal.

What deeply hurts is the misfortune of an innocent man who suffered for 23 years, without us even noticing.

But you know, even though it’s so gruesome, most of us would die an unknown death –  maybe Sarbjit’s life was meant to bring about change,  to generate peace- a truce between the two powers.

Such a sad sad feeling!


Watch it for THE MARVELLOUS STUNNING PERFORMER RANDEEP HOODA IS! Please please, stop underrating him. He deserved but didn’t win, the filmfare for Highway. But for Sarbjit HE MUST WIN ALL THE AWARDS OF THE WORLD! HE ALREADY HAS!

Watch it for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, she’s back and how!

Watch it for his wife and her plight. Watch it for the jail scene with the entire family.

Watch it for the man who shouldn’t be forgotten and his sister’s sheer grit and determination that got them so far.

Sarbjit on IMDB


One thought on “Sarbjit (2016)

  1. Glad you liked it as well. I was left spellbound by it. I also wrote my views on it as Sarbjit deserved it.

    2016 has been brilliant for Bollywood thus far & melodious music which I felt was missing in 2015 (I had even told you about it) is also back.

    Airlift, Neerja & now Sarbjit :- Just wow.

    I also loved Traffic, but didn’t like the scripted Azhar. I’ve missed out on Nil Battey Sannata due to CA Final exams though.

    Hooda Saab is just Wow & I literally mean Wow. 😊☺

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