A No means a No – Vlog

First of all, a million apologies to myself for staying away from writing/updating my blog for so long! I have been wanting to update this space since ‘Phobia’ but I ended up watching many more movies and didn’t write about any.
I’m lazy and that’s bad. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.

Now that I’m done apologising and forgiving myself (I’ve learnt to be lenient)
I’m back with a vlog and a rant that as a girl I’ve been facing, since, let me think – as far as I can remember.
The thing with being eve-teased is one doesn’t know how far and large this category can go.

I’m sure even guys go through this but I’m honestly fed up of being looked at as an object of entertainment. I have bashed up, abused and threatened more eve-teasers than I can remember and there is no shame in speaking up.

What you’re doing wrong is not voicing your right to be treated like a person with teeth and blood and feelings.

So here’s a plea to all the nice men and brave women out there to take one for the team and Speak up!



Her deep neckline is not an invitation
Neither are her waxed legs
you insisting isn’t going to make her want to have that drink
and a like on facebook is just a like
suck it up at once, go home and sleep it off
coz a NO means a NO

Unless  it’s spelt with 3 letters and starts with a Y and ends on a S
a NO means a NO

Unless you’re deaf, and can’t recognize a frown
even then a NO means a NO

Her father is her ‘daddy’
and she isn’t a princess who needs to be rescued
she walks not for you to stare at her backside
a human body part that women in your household possess too

When you give her a 7 on a ten
and call her friend a carrom board
grow a conscience where you lack a pair of your manhood
and think about the legacy you’ve left behind

A father to a girl – you
a brother to a sister
a son to a mother
then why not a human to a human?

So just incase you read between the lines too much
and forget what she told you the first time
come back here and I shall remind you – that a NO still means a NO.


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