I remember sitting at Costa on Carter Road, with my co-writer, sipping on chocolate milkshake and writing the first ever draft of this film.
This was just the beginning to 16 odd drafts at cafes that practically became home (coz we just wouldn’t leave), sipping over almost all beverages that might’ve been there.
That was 2 years ago! Then, our working title was ‘Interval’. And we imagined Naseer saab say the dialogue we wrote. And who knew!

‘Int. Cafe-Night’, the name was carefully thought of sitting at our editor’s place in Andheri east, so that in no way it gives out the story. Short films are tricky like that, if you know how they end the entire thrill of watching them suffers.
I would say we were smarter than that, but the truth is we were lucky. Lucky to find one after the other members who just kept adding to the film.
We were hardworking, this was our first independent film – no money but oodles of passion. And scared, hence we aimed higher.

I breathe for love. And love stories. I grew up on Ijaazat and Silsila, and Life.. in a metro and Lootera. I’ve had sleepless nights thinking of why did Devdas lose Paro and why did Clementine cause Joel so much pain. Would Rick ever love again? Where did Shruti go once Barfi and Jhilmil got together?

Why do lovers inflict pain upon each other – why do they part – do they get back – how justified would that be to their current situations?

Two years since, I’ve been broken and mended, but something inside one grows up, evolves, or as they say it these days ‘adults’ – that rationalises life and more importantly, love.
Two years since, I watch this film again today, and I yearn to be that Sainee again. The one who believed in forever and always. The greater good. In, what they call, blind faith. Or hopeless romanticism. Or plain delusion.
This has always been love for me and I must continue being.

Interior made me want to write more, act more, love more, believe more, and give more!
I hope and sincerely promise to get better by the years and give you more love via my films.

Let this make you want to miss the one you lost and/or value the one you have. Let this make you love. 🙂

Happy watching!



2 thoughts on “Int. Cafe – Night – Short Film

  1. Sainee! This is lovely! Simple, gripping, realisitc & wonderful! This is just how it should be yaar!

    I may not have had such experiences but I do regret not speaking when I should have, so could easily relate to this. All actors were fab, direction was top notch & brilliantly written. One can easily relate to this.

    I even liked the song that was being played.

    All in all, great effort. Wish you the best for further assignments, keep up the fabulous work.


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