It was Delhi. It was hot. I was supposed to be on a vacation-cum-internship when this crazy idea possessed me, well sure it’s time had come and I told my mom I wanna make movies. She thought the bug that flew in my ear sometime back found its way to my brain and as a responsible mother she must set an appointment with some kindda doctor or at least summon my father at once for an intervention.

After thinking it over in the daylight I was gonna brush it aside but can anyone interfere and halt an idea whose time has come. So I started studying movies instead of watching them and then one step ahead, I started writing. On 1st Jan 2016, Sainee sent me a text encouraging me to write more and sand-paper the edges whatever, well its fate turned out to be like every New Year Resolution, also if you are in NLU, you’d spend more time filling in your planner than journal. 6

But, cut to my vacation again I met a friend of a friend, Godsend I say who recommended me a movie which is nothing less than a gift. The movie was Brick, it’s a movie inspired by hardcore crime novels and is Rian Johnson’s debut movie. I made a note.

Today, I was in my room for an hour and a half break until I had to push off for my next class before which I had to grab lunch too when I thought I’ll check out Brick, catch it till mid nd then resume later but the Brick pinned me down to my bed and in no time I was cozy in my blanket unaware of Company Law and Commercial Transactions I have to pass in.The red lamp by my side added to the ‘feel’ and lef me craving a cigarette because I was losing my shit over this movie (I didn’t get a cig, nobody needs that shit) and was subtly drawn into Brendan and Emily’s world, thanks to the minimalist score of the movie.

Every frame in the movie, yes every freaking frame was like a master piece worthy of all kinds of photography awards and the crisp dialogue writing, everything that I’ve seen before was minuscule, a point-object in reference to the dialogues in Brick. My word to all other dialogue writers, act smarter than you look and drop it.


Now’s the time for the cherry on the cake, why you must absolutely watch this movie, I mean right now (just put it on torrent right now, I know it’s illegal but you didn’t hear it from me) is because of its crazy good cinematography and editing. I read that Rian Johnson made it on a low budget and edited it on his own Mac, you’re very very good sir. There were tricks and techniques in direction and editing which left me wide-mouthed and I read all about them later on internet, honestly I can’t wait to try out those myself, if ever.

If there’s any downside to the movie which makes it an 8/10 is that it’s unbelievable, good yes but you won’t believe in the characters, you might not relate to them even, but I think Johnson wanted it like that and to make it up he did try to add some flaws in them which made them look comical rather than relatable, to me at least. sn.PNG

So, summing up watch Brick if you’re looking for the motivation to finally try your hand at filmmaking but feel you’re tied behind or if you just want to watch a really good movie which you won’t forget for a long time to come. Also, do lookout for the shot of the tunnel where the dirtbag engulfs the camera, I’m sure it’ll keep you guessing.

– About Poonam
Paranoid teenager on the lookout of all things beautiful, words and pictures.
Forte’s include identity crisis and paralysis by analysis.
Studies law in part time.


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