Apologies to anyone who has ever waited to read a post but my inefficiency has kept them waiting for long. For others who exist, I’m back!
I had lots of work and the empty time was devoted to personal life but now I have time to work on my own story (Yes, I’m back to writing my own thing, should take a while but it’s satisfying), I’m back to occasionally (hopefully, more than that) acting as well. So I’ll be a lot lesser lazy at updating this happy space too!

Okay, so I was working on the story development of a web-series, as a result of which, I ended up watching tons of shows (I love shows, it wasn’t a task), although, I watched lesser movies.
I watched Brooklyn 99 (Recommended my Mihir, eternally grateful), I watched Stranger Things, now I thought this show was the best thing on the internet and it was until I watched Black Mirror (again recommended by Mihir hmph), Black Mirror will remain in my top 5 shows coz WOW JUST WOW!


This guy in office, Love (yup that’s his name) suggested this show called (wait for it) Love, I didn’t take it seriously until I did.
Love (the show, not person) is a light romantic sitcom with some sincere moments. First season is out, it has 10 episodes, and I binge watched, hence, I’m sad that I have to wait for S02. MV5BOWFiZjI1ZGQtNTg1MS00ZTY3LWFiNjItZWEwZDE4ZWQ1YzkzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjExMzM2NDQ@._V1_

I particularly liked Love because it isn’t like your conventional love stories. Of course, the title suggests that it’s a love story, but it isn’t entirely. It’s a story about two people, two fucked up people struggling to keep it together in their respective lives. It’s easy to assume that they’ll end up finding love between each other, coz two fucked up people are amaze together – borrriinnggg – Love is different. I almost hate Gillian Jacobs‘ character from time to time, but I get her. Paul Rust created, wrote and acted in this one! Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin are the creators as well.

Paul (Gus) looks goofy. Dorky in fact, exactly how Mickey thinks he is. You hate him too from time to time, but you still root for them two and that’s sweet, isn’t it?

MV5BMmE3MWI0MzMtYjk1Yy00OTkzLTkxNDctM2UxMDc5ZTcyMWMxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjExMzM2NDQ@._V1_Mickey’s roomie is adorbss, so is her cat ‘Grandpaa’.

So if you have Netflix and time, you’ll finish this one in 3 hours!


P.S: I love the opening credits!



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