Sex Education for Adults – Vlog


“How is a baby born?” She asked with a frown.
“I am 12 years old and I have a right to know!” She kept her foot down.
“You were sent from the heavens”, hesitated Father.
“And then we drew on your face and grew all your hair and decided you’ll be a girl”, added Mother.
Unconvinced, she yelled, “HOW IS A BABY BORN?”
“If I’ve to believe this story, I might as well believe in unicorns.
Or maybe Santa and his huge tummy, tell me what did Nana-Nani do to have you, mummy?”
Mummy shrieked and Daddy cringed in his seat.
“You take over, darling!” Daddy quickly took off for a made up meet.
She wasn’t ready to settle on this story yet.
Before confronting Mom and Dad she had done her research on the internet.
But it’s always more reliable when the source is someone you know.
She stopped Daddy and pulled him back, “It’s too soon for you to go!”

“So tell me, how is a baby born?”

Mummy lost her cool and yelled, “You’re too young to know, go to your room!
There’s a lot of time for us to find you a groom.”

Father passed a glass of chilled water to the Mother of the to-be bride.
“What has gotten into you, little one?” Father cried.
“What is a ‘vulva’, ‘clitoris’ and ‘cervix’?” innocently she inquired.
Daddy turned around and said, “I’d better leave or I’ll be fired.”

Her science text book was filled with information on reproduction.
But she thought God had left her on their door-step, this was a big contradiction.
The quick arrival of this discussion had put Mother-Father in a haze.
Besides, they always wondered how they would bring this up in the coming days.

When the male gamete joins with a fertile ovum from the female, fertilization takes place. When a fertilized ovum reaches the uterus, pregnancy begins.” She dramatically shut her book.
Two minutes of courage that’s all it took!

“Why don’t you two just tell me that you made love to each other and nine months later, you gave me birth? And I didn’t land up miraculously on the face of earth!”
Dumbfounded, Mother and Father looked over at their 12 year old professor.
Shutting the door behind her she added, “Only if you spoke the truth my worries would be lesser!”




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