Every weekend for one or the other reason I’ve been missing out on movie-watching. Today, I decided to catch atleast 2 films back to back. And so I did! Oh it feels so good to go to a theatre to watch a good film. Yes, I’m talking about ‘Don’t Breathe’. This was the second film I watched, the first one was 9 Lives, I won’t talk about it and even you shouldn’t.

I was under the impression that Don’t Breathe is a horror film, but only when I watched the trailer I figured that its a thriller, although the trailer is deceiving with flying women and hands coming out of walls.

First of all, if you’re catching only one film this week, please make sure it’s this one!

Remember watching Room? Remember watching Goodnight Mommy? Remember watching The Babadook? So these are few of my most ‘soul-wrenching’ favourites so far.
Here’s how I felt while watching Don’t Breathe –

  • I felt the fear, the thrill, the anxiousness of all these movies, ALL AT ONCE!
  • I was marvelling over the camera work and sound design! Uff! To the point!
  • The narrative is so tightly stitched, all loop holes covered to perfection!
  • Foreshadowing is done so well, you’ll only be able to predict a few. There are many, trust me! It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Stephen Lang deserves to be rewarded for his performance here.


Although, in the end the protagonist chose a path, I wouldn’t have, I can only understand why’d one choose to do what she did. Also, my reasoning with the end of this film is negotiable so I’ll let that go because this film is such a gem otherwise.

Filled with surprises, twists are turns, I’m going to read its script ASAP. Will teach great tricks in screenwriting, this one.

Skip 9 Lives, if you’d want my opinion.

Don’t Breathe on IMDB


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