Thanks for all the love and support, guys! 🙂
I’m going to follow the purpose of this blog now.

Extremely convenient writing – secret beach (so no one will come to rescue), friend cancels last minute (so have to be alone), medical student (so knows how to put band-aid, just in case shark bites), surfer (can justify swimming tricks).  mv5byjbmowqxmtitmmqymi00odhjlwfkmtytzgq1nwq0mzy4ntgxxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymjk2ntexmg-_v1_
An ending taking huge liberties,
and some really bad and uncalled for VFX to show skype conversations.
somehow all of this is forgiven because the movie gives very little time to ponder over these flaws. The moment a very sexy Blake Lively changes into her gear to step into the water and that happens moments into the film, one is just waiting for the shark to come around.
I always look forward to exposition in single-character movies. Your character has to either talk to himself or read, or sometimes, a bad trope – go into a flashback.
Here, Lively talks to herself and hence, to us. She also uses a GoPro camera, although, I got to know that it doesn’t playback sound. Another liberty.
Most exciting was when she times the return of the shark and executes her plan.
Time-lock is such a useful tool!
I love how justified the shark’s introduction is.
There are dolphins and jelly fish and beautiful-beautiful scenic shots of her surfing on the waves in slo-mo. I couldn’t stop holding my breath – ‘eeep don’t do that, he’s going to come!’
The anticipation and thrill keeps you asking for more.

Yes, many many writing liberties have been taken but all worth it because it’s a well woven screenplay. (also, because I know now what a pain it is to weave one!)

Watch for Blake Lively, that fat drunk uncle, a brand new intelligent shark after watching a ton of shark films, that sexmuff secret beach and that very loyal pigeon friend!


The Shallows on IMDB


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