40 years of experience of flying a plane came in handy when Sullenberger made a decision within 208 seconds to land the plane on the Hudson River by risking the lives of 155 crew and passengers on  US Airways Flight 1549.
Was it a thought-out decision?  Or sheer desperation of an unknown servant of the government? Hero or a fluke?
The movie is basically answering these questions!

Trust Clint Eastwood to pull off the most horrifying visuals with utmost ease. Can’t get enough of his abilities!  clint
Tom Hanks is convincing and charming. Before entering the theatre, I had these images of him in ‘Captain Phillips’ and ‘Terminal’ and ‘Cast Away’, you know, survival stories, but I sure was overthinking. He’s a wonderful performer for all the right reasons!

Harvey Dent is in the movie dawning a weird moustache.  Aaron Eckhart is Sully’s first officer on board and a true friend!

Anna Gunn is in the movie! Very blink-and-miss! Somewhere in the climax I realised hey that’s Skyler, she should get better roles than this one, c’mon Hollywood! 

What really is commendable about this film is the screenplay. The story is very very basic – an incident and following it – a hearing to judge the Captain’s deed on the plane. So it becomes a greater responsibility on the screenplay to make this basic story engaging for 90-100 minutes.

Watch it for the delightfully thrilling visuals of landing the plane on a gigantic river under minus 5 degrees, for Tom Hanks and that little baby on board!

Sully on IMDB




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