Trevor is indeed handsome and cool!

As much as I’ve blamed Netflix for all the extra time consumption, I’m also very glad I have it.! Now, specially, since Torrentz has quietly breathed its last.
There are innumerable permutation-combinations that can work with ‘relationships-and-road trips’. I was thinking the other day what a lovely story revolving around a child/motherhood Tallulah is, I doubt if anything else could come up on this topic (hoping mostly, because I’m writing an interwined story on parenthood) but then I watched TFOC, and was pleasantly surprised to watch such a newage, chill outlook at parenthood.
I’m convinced now, Willa Cather was right ‘ There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before.’


TFOC starts off as an anal, arrogant, bully of a disabled boy- at first picking on his caretaker and eventually bonding with him- but from that to  ending up onto a road trip was fairly unexpected and exciting.
Characters keep getting added onto this journey and the interest keeps getting stronger.
Trevor and Mervin make such a powerpact team!

Also, this film teaches us that an entire story can be built and beautifully narrated merely on ‘moments’. There are no hard-hitting conflicts, except for one – which accurately helps the central characters find their ground.

The characters are so endearing that one won’t question some of the convenient directions the story takes, such as – Trevor’s extremely caring mother allowing him on a road trip and not checking up even once, or them going ahead to the deepest pit after dropping the plan because Dot said so and Trevor, well, can’t say no to her!
The characters are built so well that these questions don’t arise because it is entirely upto them what they want to do and we just, basically, follow.

There are these adorable pranks Mervin and Trevor play on each other which are a delight to watch!


You must definitely watch this little piece of joy! 🙂

The Fundamentals Of Caring on IMDB


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