MAMI Dairies 2016

I just got back home from attending day number 3 at the Mumbai Film Festival, and what absolutely marvellous three days these have been!

On Day 1 and Day 2 I watched 5 films each and 4 on day 3. My eyes are heavy with sleep, tummy is growling for dinner and I’m still shivering because of the last film I witnessed.

I’m going to share my favourite ones so far –

Day 1:

Clash is an Egyptian film set entirely on the back seat of a police van. It’s gripping and heart- wrenching and soul-crushing. With endearing characters with opposite but respectful beliefs, Clash is a must, must watch! I couldn’t hold back my tears in the last 10 mins of the film.

Under The Shadow is an Iranian horror film. It was ‘sending-chills-down-my-spine-scary, yes, but it also had layers of interpretations. For me, this film personified the terror that Iran was facing during the Iran-Iraq war, as horror.
I’m a big fan of horror films and have watched a fairly decent amount of them – this one tops my list.

Day 2:

Don’t Call Me Son is such a unique concept. A boy who is curious of his own sexuality ends up finding out that his mother had stolen him when he was a new born. His world turns upside down! The dialogue and characters keep this one so edgy and gripping, it’s a treat to watch.

The Commune in a few words reminded me of the Shilpa Shetty story in Life In a Metro. Though the concept is alien to us in India, you know – living in your own home with others as a community isn’t relevant here. But the feelings, the pain and yearning of a heart that loves and loses is universal.
It’s astonishing to see how much we let our self-respect suffer to keep the one we love.
Watch this one for its performances!

Donald Cried was a fresh wave of laughter after watching all those deep, emotional and thought-provoking movies. Donald cried makes you think while making you laugh out loud. I love how this film doesn’t close character arcs of story loops and just goes on.It’s a story of a single day. Nothing more, nothing less. Major must watch!

Day 3: 

My Life As A Zucchini is an animated stop-motion film! It was already special but what made it even more special is its absolutely honest story-telling. With characters so endearing, moments so smile-inducing, dialogues so very well written that hit the right chords- this film is an example of tons of hard work on the part of the team.This film is beyond beautiful!

The Wailing is the last film I watched so I’ll refrain from going into details lest I’m adventurous enough to want nightmares. It’s grotesque, gory and every bit of cringe-worthy.
The story is so convincing and the screenplay is woven wonderfully.
Some stunning performances, specially the kid!
This one’s beyond creepy, in a good way.


I’ll be updating the future days too, hopefully.

So far my #1 film is My Life As A Zucchini.


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