I’ve been there. From being judged for being grim and low and seeing a therapist to being told by randos ‘you mustn’t cry over a boy!’ I’ve been through it. Hence, I could connect-relate with this film on a deeper level.

Firstly, kudos to Writer-Director Gauri Shinde for not glorifying Depression and not making it seem psychotic. It was subtly plugged in through Coco and Jug’s journey and explained in the most non-preachy manner. 100 points!


Alia is effortless. She is herself in everything she does and it works like magic. Extremely well-dressed, wonderful hair-dos. She manages to hold one’s attention in most scenes. There’s nothing, she can’t do!

But the actor who blew my mind was Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. His haters would be disappointed because he has slayed it with ease in the film. He’s charming, sexy, dependable, charismatic and everything an ideal shrink should be. He has the best things to say, in the nicest and calm manner. One of his finest performances. mv5bzdbhzda5mzqtyzg3ms00mju4lwi1ztytywy2zjuzodkzyjrkl2ltywdll2ltywdlxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjkyodm4ndg-_v1_ql50_

What I’d give to find a therapist as gorgeous as Jehangir Khan!

The supporting cast is also brilliant. My favourite is Alka, the house-help.
Watch out for them extremely good-looking kursis Coco purchases! 😉

Drifting away, I want to mention the nuances of an agitated mind that were foreshadowed smoothly to justify Coco’s need for therapy.
Apart from losing out on bigger deals like love, luck and work – there are these small things she does that speak volumes about her state of mind –
1.Turning art-e-crafts / Fridge magnets upside down.
2. Eating chillies.
3. Being angry and rebellious all the time. mv5by2u3ntm4yjitnmuxos00mmmzltg1ytetytu5nzy4zwrmotdjl2ltywdll2ltywdlxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjkyodm4ndg-_v1_ql50_
4. Cheating on her boyfriend.

^I saw these as subconscious signs of prolonged unhappiness. For me, these worked the most!




Although I found the secomv5bzdhimda0ogqtmzdhyy00zdjhltg4m2utmzqxzwyyy2rmoda0xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymjm1njkwmdi-_v1_ql50_nd half a bit too long, the mood didn’t drop.
Amit Trivedi’s music has nailed it again. Watch Dear Zindagi for the beauty Goa is, the clothes and the wonderful, heart-warming story.

Most importantly watch it to spread awareness about mental health issues, that most of us are facing and we may not even realise. You know 1 out of 4  are suffering. It’s 90% more prevalent amidst women. We need more such gems and we need more help!

Dear Zindagi on IMDB


2 thoughts on “Dear Zindagi (2016)

  1. I like it! I loved the movie & I loved your perception even more! Your review is all class; I try to generalize, you nail it with your deep views. Brilliant!


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