I have such weird mixed feelings about this film that I was almost bailing out, but since I haven’t updated anything in a long long time I must go ahead.
Firstly, life has been chaotic. In a positive way, hopefully. Apologies for being MIA.


Okay.. Dunkirk. Um.. to be honest, I’m not a Nolan worshipper. I have nothing against him, I mean I’m not a blind-mindblown-obsessive-Nolan-fan like most people I know. So my take is going to be fair. Subjective, but fair. I have really liked his previous work but I’m not one of those who’d wait to go watch his films FDFS in IMAX 2D ONLY. You get the gist.

The battle of Dunkirk was an evacuation war fought mainly between France and England against Nazi Germany. The entire film is based in the 1940s focusing on this evacuation process through the sea.


What follows are some thrilling moments of fear, love and deep angst. Brothers willing to go to any extent for survival. One’ll get to witness some intensely gripping war tactics. Fighter planes, sinking ships, men lost – all in the name of war!

Nolan’s films are known for their larger than life cinematic visuals. This one too doesn’t fail to captivate all of one’s senses.  d4

Background score by Hans Zimmer was hands down the best thing about this film!
The film does get slow in places but remains engaging none the less.
The beauty of the film is its subtle non-linear narrative, which keeps one asking for more.

Not one of his strongest but I’m glad I know now about the glorious Battle of Dunkirk.

Dunkirk on IMDB


One thought on “Dunkirk

  1. Good review. I’m glad he went out of the fantasy/fiction genre for once. Not his forte, but full points for the attempt. He will only get better.

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